Jesus Elizalde

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My name is Jesus Elizalde, my friends call me Chuy. I am a full-stack software engineer/developer. I have created projects using the following technologies: ReactJS, Redux, ExpressJS, Flask, Sequelize, SQLAlchemy, NodeJs, HTML, HTML5, CSS, PugJS, AWS S3, Javascript, Python. My parents instilled compassion and hard work in me from a very young age. It has granted me the opportunity to chase the better version in me in whatever situation or environment I'm thrown into.


Programming Languages & Tools


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Cinch is a scheduler management. user can create customers and make jobs as-well schedule the jobs.

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Sound Town is a clone of SoundCloud. It is the place to go to share music and listen to music uploaded by others.

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Exotals is a Airbnb clone. At Exotals you can rent your car as well and comment on other car.

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Transportation Dispatcher

MV Transportation Inc.

Exercised quick thinking taking account into available resources to resolve any issues that emerged quickly and cost efficiently in a timely manner.

Jan. 2020 - Dec. 2021


App Academy

Coding Bootcamp
Computer Science - Web Development
Dec. 2021 - Jun. 2022